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Coldharbourstores are Lucy Castro, David Read, Michael McCabe & Liam Greany.

Formed in London in 1998 by David, Michael & original singer Daniel Bowling, the band signed to Vinita Joshi's Rocketgirl Records in 1999 and debuted with the 'All That Matters Now' single produced by Detroit, Michigan's Randall Nieman (Fuxa). Following the success of the record, including Radio 1 airplay from the legendary John Peel and an encouraging reception from the international music press, they began to play live starting with a national tour supporting label mates Mazarin & The Montgolfier Brothers.

Drummer/percussionist Samuel R. Laws joined the band in 2000, making his debut on the further standalone single 'A Day Gone By' produced by Richard Bell (The Blue Aeroplanes).

The debut album 'More Than The Other' was recorded in London with Bark Psychosis frontman Graham Sutton as producer (Silver Apples, East India Youth, These New Puritans, Sea Power, Jarvis Cocker) and released in 2002. The album featured guest appearances from Anja Buchelle (Bark Psychosis) & John Cheves (Piano Magic). Forging a strong friendship together, Graham also began playing Guitar/Bass & Keyboards in the band both live & in the studio, and has subsequently produced the vast majority of the band's recordings to date.

The album featured sleeve design by Martin Andersen (AndersenM, 4AD/V23), who would become their sleeve designer to this day.

After signing a worldwide publishing deal with BMG/Rykomusic, they continued to play live (including appearances at the ICA & the Rough Trade 25th anniversary shows).


2007 saw the arrival of singer/lyricist Lucy Castro & drummer/singer Liam Greany, following the separate departures of Daniel & Samuel, whose last recorded appearance was the band's contribution to the collaborative 'Chamber Music: James Joyce (1907). 1-36.' album for Fire Records.

In 2012 and 2014, David & Michael contributed joint essays to the book series The 'First Time I Heard Cocteau Twins' and The 'First Time I Heard My Bloody Valentine' edited by American novelist Scott Heim (Mysterious Skin).

The first new song from the band in 14 years, taken from their second album 'Wilderness' was 'Genie', which was released with an animated music video by Jonathan Pound (Throwing Muses, Micah P. Hinson), who also became a long time collaborator, and premiered @ in 2016.

The long awaited second album 'Wilderness' was released in 2017 on Enraptured Records. 'Wilderness' was once again produced by Graham Sutton and featured Scott Heim (Mysterious Skin) on guest spoken words, Leo Castro on Trombone and Samuel R. Laws, who played drums on the album's title track. The band played live for the first time since 2008 at Rough Trade East, London, performing tracks from 'Wilderness'.

Later that year, a brand new Coldharbourstores track was released as part of 'Waywords and Meansigns: Opendoor Edition', setting James Joyce's Finnegans Wake to music, marking the second time the band have musically interpreted the works of Joyce.


In 2018, the band played live at Club AC30, London with Epic 45, and again in December with Amusement Parks on Fire at Oslo, London, where they debuted new material. In 2019, a new single 'Disenchantment' was released with a video, again directed by Jonathan Pound, featuring a performance by Tania and Kentaro of the Tarinainanika Theatre Unit of Japan.

The band's original label Rocketgirl, also released a CD/7"/Flexi-Disc/Digital Download & 70-page hardback book, uncovering the history of the Rocket Girl label to celebrate its 20th anniversary, which featured an unreleased Coldharbourstores song 'Seven Minutes', by the original band line-up of Bowling, Read, McCabe and Laws. The track was produced by Graham Sutton, who also played bass guitar and melodica on the track. The accompanying book written by Richard Milward, includes contributions from David and Michael.


Coldharbourstores released their third album 'Vesta' in 2019 with Enraptured Records, followed by a second single 'Castle', The band also performed at a live in-store album launch at Rough Trade East, London.

Fourth album 'Dearly Devoted', produced by Graham Sutton was released in November 2020. The album was preceded by first single

'Z E R O' which premiered @, and was followed by second single 'Big Deal'.

For Record Store Day 23rd April 2022, a limited edition album 'Coldharbourstores Remixed' was released,

featuring remixes of tracks from their previous 2 albums, by Pete 'Bassman' Bain (Spacemen 3), Windy & Carl, Gabe Knox, Yellow6

L-Shape, Hyper Ex-Machina & L-Shape/CHS.

The band are currently working on a new album.


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