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Enraptured Records



'This is all eyes wide open, musically and lyrically, full of romantic expectancy and the possibility of imminent sunbursts...'

The Quietus

'4/5 dream-pop airiness propelled by an electronic undertow, Lucy Castro's voice adding off-kilter sweetness'


'7/ pop with glistening electronic touches, there's plenty of uncommon beauty here'


'...Captivating depth and complexity that really pulls you in ...a worthy successor to their debut'

Electronic Sound


'4/5 …shimmering, floating beauty'


'... luscious indietronica, deftly brushed by the hand of shoegaze and with their sense of ruminative melancholia intact ....Coldharbourstores' unexpected return

is a very lovely thing indeed.'

The Skinny

'Wilderness' is the sort of glossy, credible alt-pop album that some musicians spend their entire

lives attempting to perfect...'


'...Coldharbourstores have finally delivered. Produced by Bark Psychosis' Graham Sutton, Wilderness has sonic chops and an ethereal atmosphere...'


' by song the spectrum of 'Wilderness' expands...
... Wilderness' sounds like a haven of tranquility… ...In spite of its low-key modesty, one may find an unpolished gem.'




Enraptured Records


​'Cult Favourites exhale their second album in three years... a sweet throwback to trip-hop and dream-pop, enhanced greatly by Lucy Castro's voice.'


'... a celebration of all that is missing from today's daytime radio stations... Quite wonderful.'

Monolith Cocktail

'... grandiose synths, crystalline beats and soaring vocals... it's chilly presence won't leave you out in the cold.'


' able to supply an almost innate delicate wistfulness… mournful, yet oddly powerful too...'


'... full of subtle surprises and sweet little touches... a quiet gem'


dearly devoted cover.jpg

'Dearly Devoted'

Enraptured Records



' (5/5) album which immediately captivates the senses ...bursts of sonic invention and countless subtleties that will ensure return visits'

Rock N Reel

' (7/10) Dense, engulfing atmospheres and blissful harmonies...

...Lucy Castro's delicate yet stirring voice hovers cloud-like on top of these enveloping soundscapes... '


'...glowing, blissful and leftfield, while still being full of pop melodicism... Dream pop?

Let them be your go-to.'

Backseat Mafia

' ...Coldharbourstores' most charming and consistent album to date.'


'... a finely written and played collection of songs ...Smartly performed and produced, 'Dearly Devoted' is an atmospheric
and relentlessly tuneful album'

Deviation Street

' (8/10) From the moment they flick the switch on opening song Zero Coldharbourstores take us into a lush world of gauzy indie-pop, a really quite tender album.'

Whisperin' & Hollerin'

' ...'Big Deal' evokes memories of The Cocteau Twins, but this quartet have an individual character and a lightness of touch... ...Graham Sutton's production adds a depth and sumptuousness... ...with ominous low notes and abstract sonics...'

Hi-Fi News

' (Highly Recommended ) It's a seductive sound...undeniably, lovely. There's definitely a place for this gorgeous and calming music in troubled times.'


'A Day Gone By'

Rocketgirl Records



' ...mysterious & filmic, marked by aquatic vibraphone and peals of ambient trumpet, sounding like some long-overlooked Angelo Badalamenti composition' 



'... an utterly singular and mysterious group, light on information but long in pop smarts. Beguiling, simple and sad, this is one to watch out for.'

Philadelphia Weekly News

'... immobile et frisquet, leur A day gone by dégage pourtant cette chaleur vacillante autrefois distillee par les disques enregistres a la bougie chez Sarah Records' 

Les Inrockuptibles


'All That Matters Now'

Rocketgirl Records



'... All that matters now' sounds, like Nick Drake & his ancestors, quite lovely'



'... Rippling gently with campfire acoustics & criss-crossing between Ry Cooder territory & Tortoise's playroom, Superb - 5/5'


'... This, the band's Debut single produced by Randall Nieman of Fuxa is a cut above the rest - Acoustic guitars & piano complement each other in what promises to be a low-key start to an interesting career... '

Record Collector

'... purveyors of slo-core atmospherics, their take on spaced acoustic guitars & country simplicity wouldn't sound misplaced in Will Oldham's oeuvre, markedly on the single 'All that matters now'

Making Music


'Rocketgirl 20'

Rocketgirl Records



'In celebration of Rocket Girl's 20th anniversary, Joshi has compiled one of the finest packages we've ever seen... Coldharbourstores glistening post-rock guitarscapes pop in for 'Seven Minutes' (actually, 6:40!) ...'


' ...a trip down memory lane ...'s Go Ask Adorno'... ...sits next to coldharbourstores' strung-out, Lush-reminiscent bliss of 'Seven Minutes', that somehow defines the label aesthetic.'



'...To celebrate this auspicious anniversary ...a 16-track CD... Ensuing catalogue highlights include... the ethereal Coldharbourstores...' 

Electronic Sound

'8.8 ...sacrées merveilles sur la compilation des 20 ans... du charme discret des Coldharbourstores, le groupe le plus délicat et le plus léger depuis XTC... '

'Finnegan's Wake'

Waywords & Meansigns


'Waywords and Meansigns is now on its third turn of setting Finnegans Wake to music. From a truly trippy recitation backed by field recordings and dementedly mirthful piano (care of the Mercury Rev and August Wells-featuring Old Fiends), to icy android readings (Schneider TM), a straightforward narration backed by blips, bangs and simple beats (Peter Chrisp and the box sets), the borderline ambient Question 5' by Coldharbourstores, to the eerie folk of Jon Wahl.'


'More Than The Other'

Rocketgirl Records



'7/10 Hypnotic acoustic ambience... glistening production... perfect for those long winter nights while snowed in the house with no phone or television...'

A.P (Alternative Press)

' one of those great outfits that can recycle heartbreak and turn it into a record that can lift you out of your own. With a great live feel, courtesy of Producer Graham Sutton '


' like an ambient take on The Strands, Hayden or Sparklehorse's last album 'more than the other' often finds itself very close to beautiful, such as the moment two and a half minutes into ' Long Ago' when the drums kick in and the soundstage widens into cinemascope. '


' ...gentle folk-tinged intimacy...'


... their debut full-length and they're certainly playing to their strengths... unhurried, bordering on the languorous, with a nod to the dreamy balladry of early Mojave 3.'

Comes with a Smile

' ...zeitlos schöne Musik zum Träumen, und davon kann es ja eigentlich gar nicht genug geben.'


'A Rocketgirl Compilation'

Rocketgirl Records



'... coldharbourstores underline their hit band potential... '


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