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'Dearly Devoted'

 Enraptured Records



' (5/5) album which immediately captivates the senses ...bursts of sonic invention and countless subtleties that will ensure return visits'

Rock N Reel

' (7/10) Dense, engulfing atmospheres and blissful harmonies...

...Lucy Castro's delicate yet stirring voice hovers cloud-like on top of these enveloping soundscapes... '


'...glowing, blissful and leftfield, while still being full of pop melodicism... Dream pop? 

Let them be your go-to.'

Backseat Mafia

' ...Coldharbourstores' most charming and consistent album to date.'


'... a finely written and played collection of songs ...Smartly performed and produced, ‘Dearly Devoted’ is an atmospheric
and relentlessly tuneful album'

Deviation Street

‘ (8/10) From the moment they flick the switch on opening song Zero Coldharbourstores take us into a lush world of gauzy indie-pop …a really quite tender album.’

Whisperin' & Hollerin'

' ...'Big Deal' evokes memories of The Cocteau Twins, but this quartet have an individual character and a lightness of touch... ...Graham Sutton's production adds a depth and sumptuousness... ...with ominous low notes and abstract sonics...'

Hi-Fi News

' (Highly Recommended ) …It’s a seductive sound… ...undeniably, lovely… …There’s definitely a place for this gorgeous and calming music in troubled times... '

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